Monday, October 25, 2010

Cell C.

Cell C I live in Hluhluwe. Can you help me?

Let me start at the beginning.

I had a particularly frustrating Friday.

I kept trying trying to return a missed call. Tried and tried in fact. For 45 minutes.

Then phoned the Cell C call centre. After getting through various voice menus, I explained my problem to the agent. Who did not listen or for some other reason then repeated the problem back to me incorrectly.



Agent repeats problem back to me again, correctly this time. Then asks me to confirm my cell number (caller id anyone). And then my ID.

Agent then wants to know if I have a pen and paper handy. I go to get and of course my call gets dropped because of the wonderful reception out here.

At this point, to save myself all the stress, I think "If is important they will call back."

Trevor is going to here all about this. As soon as I get electrity again.

For that saga see the next post.

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