Friday, May 7, 2010

Malema, The Constitution and the 'Shoot the Boer Song'.

The Constitutional Court has banned the singing of the struggle song, commonly known as 'Shoot the Boer'.

This means that NOBODY may sing this song. Not for any reason. This is despite what political parties may want. Until that court order has been changed. By appeal or what ever means.

If you respect the rule of law, as any functioning society must, then you would not sing this despite what may have happened in your history. Until and only if the court order is changed.

The laws that are enforced inside our society are the only instrument that prevents our society and our country from sliding into anarchy.

The song is banned because it promotes hate speech and violence towards another 'ethnic' group.

Now I believe that the AWB and the supporters of ANCYL president are a minority. What should the rest of South Africa do about people like this? They are the ones who are threatening to destabilse the whole country. When will the ordinary people of this country DO something?

I have read a lot about this and the death of Eugene TerreBlanche, both online and in the print media. There seems to be a lot of opinions going around. This is one situation that will divide South Africa in the media if nowhere else. How many of these people would have chosen a side if they had not been asked by the media? I like to think that most people would prefer to get on with their lives. Most people adopt a live and let live attitude.

In the end no matter what you or I believe everybody has the right to their own ideas.

Every one who lives in South Africa has to respect The Constitution. Not only when you want but all the time, even when it is not working in your favour.

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