Friday, June 5, 2009

Late night musings.

Good day.

A post with no purpose at all really.

Looking over the way South Africa is working now a days, I start to realize that the topics that are of such importance to the politicians, usually are their topics because they think that the people who they want to vote for them think they are important.

Now read that ten times fast, and don't expect it to make any more sense when you are finished than it did the first time around. If that first paragraph does not warn against the dangers of late night blogging when tired then maybe the rest will.

I am watching Road House, will I am writing this. Hmmm nothing like 80s foreplay. Back then the sex was dirty and everything else was clean. Maybe I should be tweeting this so that all of those people out there who missed such a classical part of movie history can catch up. Looks like I was only just right about saying 80's.

Harmless fun really. The bad guys in the movie like this seem like slightly disobedient boy scouts.

Moving on.

Well that has just about exhausted my writing for tonight. At least the creative part.

Besides the movie is just getting to the good parts. Good old fights.

Perhaps I will ad something a little more significant tomorrow.

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